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Video is a powerhouse in digital marketing. Over 86% of businesses have already used video as their marketing tool, and it’s projected that the number will continue growing. Small businesses to big companies that never use videos are starting to try this strategy. 

Are you a newcomer to video marketing? You may be confused about how to start it. Well, you can use video templates for your business. 

There are many customizable video templates available on the internet. It’ll help you to create engaging content in a short time with less budget. It means that you don’t need to be a pro on video editing. 

However, the vast number of free templates may make you confused. This article will help you to find the most crucial video templates that you should have in the first place. 

Let’s get started!

#1. Onboarding Videos

Let’s start the list with a must-have video for internal purposes. It’s onboarding videos. This type of material is a great tool to welcome new hires, especially remote workers. It’s practical and efficient to help new employees understand their new roles and get to know your company better. 

You don’t need to craft new videos whenever there is a new hire. To keep the cost low, prepare some templates and use it every time you have a new employee. You’ll only need to adjust or edit a particular part if necessary.

Speaking of onboarding videos, we’ve prepared some types of video to make your new hires engage from day one: 

  • Personalized welcoming message
  • Company introduction
  • Company’s culture and policies
  • Skills Training
  • IT procedures
  • Department overview

#2. Company Culture Videos

There are two primary purposes of company culture videos; part of marketing strategy and recruitment tools. Okay, let’s dive into each purpose. 

Company culture videos will be behind the scenes about your brand or product when it comes to marketing strategy. It’s a brilliant approach to create a better connection with your customers and humanize your brand. 

Additionally, company culture videos are necessary during recruitment time. It gives an accurate picture of your company and the working environment. So, potential employees get a better description if they fit in your company. 

#3. Product Launch

It’s no secret that using video to launch a product is such a great idea. It effectively communicates your product to your target audience. On top of that, a video can capture the audience’s attention right away and influence their purchasing decision.

A study found that 84% of people bought a product after they watched a video from a certain brand. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy to make a new concept for each product launching, it’s better to use video templates. 

It’s time-saving, and you’ll share the consistent design to establish a brand image. People will easily spot your brand when you introduce a new product.  

Pro tips: winning template videos for product launches should convey what the product is, who it is created for, where and when to utilize it, and why it can help people. Don’t forget to provide a compelling call to action.

#4. Testimonial Videos

Guess what? Over 79% of people learn more about a brand or product with video testimonials, and interestingly two out of three customers will purchase a product after watching a testimonial video. Those statistics are solid reasons why every brand should make testimonial videos.

You can encourage customers to make testimonials then repost them on your social media. If you want to make it more exclusive and engaging, present the testimonials with video templates. 

If you only have text-based testimonials, it’s still possible to present them engagingly. Collect some testimonials and put them on your animated video templates. You can also add a photo of each customer to the videos.

It’s easy and simple. You don’t need fancy cameras and other equipment. Yet, the videos are still impactful. 

#5. Product Explainer

It’s been a new habit for people in the digital era. Whenever we want to buy a product, we’ll look for detailed information about the product by watching explainer videos. 

A study also mentioned that 95% of individuals prefer to watch an explainer video to know more about a product or service. In simple words, explainer videos can benefit your customers by providing detailed information, and a brand can grow the conversion rates.

Got a problem in creating product explainer videos? You can utilize free tools and free templates of explainer videos on the internet. Add your logo and make a slight adjustment to the template to represent your brand.

Once you’re done, post the explainer videos on several channels, such as the website, Youtube, and social networks. Thus, people will quickly discover your explainer videos. Although you use video templates, ensure you have included the key elements to make a winning explainer video: 

  • It is less than three minutes. 
  • It focuses on problem-solving
  • The video has a strong call-to-action.
  • You present a high-quality video that offers valuable information about your product or service.

#6. Event Announcement

You’ve worked so hard to make a creative marketing event and prepare many things to ensure everything goes smoothly. However, that’s just a half picture. You’ll still need a proper promotion to hype the event. 

How to do that? Video is a guaranteed draw on social media. When done right, even a minute video can attract thousands of attendees. 

If you don’t have a professional team to work on the videos, you can find video templates on the internet to announce your upcoming event. Nowadays, many platforms offer the professional look of event announcement videos, and you don’t need to spend hours editing the video. 

When you’ve found the best template, don’t just make one video that talks about the date and place of the event. Be more creative to build excitement and awareness. Check this list to inspire you in preparing a video marketing event:

  • Post a short teaser video about your event. 
  • Showcase your previous events in a video. 
  • Launch the ticket with a how-to video. 
  • Remind people about your event by posting a video that answers some frequently asked questions. 

#7. Customer Onboarding Videos

Business competition is getting more rigid, and high-quality products can’t be the only solution to win the war. You’ll also need a top-notch marketing strategy and provide a positive customer experience. 

If you’re wondering how to improve your marketing strategy and improve customer satisfaction, the answer is none other than videos. As the starting point, you can try to use a customer onboarding video.

Customer onboarding videos will introduce your product or service to new customers. The videos include a welcome message, a demo video on using your product to eliminate potential confusion regarding your product, and practical tips when customers find a problem.

#8. Frequently Asked Questions Videos

Most companies provide a particular page to answer frequently asked questions (FAQ). Typically, they use text-based answers, and that’s boring. It’s time to give a better customer experience by delivering FAQ videos. 

To make it more engaging, avoid using a live-action video where someone is answering some questions. Be creative! You can use a motion graphics video template or whiteboard animation template. When done right, the FAQ videos will increase brand favorability.

Pro tips: post the FAQ videos on your YouTube channel. If you have more than one video, it’d be great if you made a playlist. So, your customers can easily find the answer to every question regarding your product or service. 

Bonus Tips: How to Choose the Best Templates

Choosing the appropriate video template is tricky, especially for people who are still new in marketing. It’ll be much easier if you pay attention to these elements when selecting a video template:

  • Know your purpose. Are you going to promote an upcoming event, educate your audience, answer questions, or have another purpose? Think about it before moving to the next step. 
  • Choose the type of your video. Your purpose will influence the kind of video that you’re going to make. An animated explainer video, for example, is an excellent choice to educate people about your brand. 
  • Define the best style. Once you know the video type that fits your needs, it’s time to define the style. You can go with a template that has friendly and relaxed designs if you’re in casual business. 
  • Consider the shape of your title. For a minimalist look, use animated text. If you want a moving headline, typography will be the best choice. 
  • Make sure the template matches the tone of your script. To make your work easier, it’s better to work with your script before choosing a template for your video. 
  • Pay attention to the duration. In many cases, people have to shorten the script because it doesn’t fit the duration of the template. Well, this is not the best decision. If you cut the script, your message may not be well delivered.
  • Choose a template that fits your brand image. With so many free templates accessible, ensure the design and style of the template you’re picking fits the style and branding of your business.


Making videos for business purposes is more convenient nowadays. There are thousands of free templates available to save your time, budget, and energy. 

The templates are not limited to product promotion. You can also find employee onboarding videos, company cultures, product launches, testimonials, event video announcements, customer onboarding, and FAQ video. When you choose a template, make sure it fits your brand image and style. 

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Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

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