Hello, everyone! Do you look to download the Pikashow app for your Android device? Then you’re in the right place. I’ll give you Pikashow’s official Pikashow app’s most recent update. Download the app that shows pictures for Android with just one click.

If you are interested in watching Live IPL 2022 on your device for free, you need to download the Pikashow official application to the Android device.

What exactly is PikaShow?

Pikashow is a popular application to stream live streams as well as live television channels at no cost with the Android device. The PikaShow app allows you to download and stream web series as well as all kinds of media on your device for no cost.

Many users make use of this app to stream IPL or other popular sporting events from their Android device, for no cost.

Pikashow can be described as an Android app. On this, you are able to watch numerous categories of videos at no cost. For instance, you can stream live videos such as TV shows, films live sports news, and more online for free in addition, live games happening around the globe can be watched for free using this application. You can, for instance, view live broadcasts of major tournaments such as World Cup, IPL World Cup, IPL 2022, and many more.

If you’re a sports fan, then install the Pikashow application on your device. Using the Pikashow app. It allows you to watch films on Live TV and web series for no cost.

A lot of people also recognize pikashow and picashow. But pikashow and pikashow are the same software that you download the most recent version from tech accents.

PikaShow App Review 2022

In 2022, Pikashow is a great alternative to popular apps, such as thoptv or HD Streamz. The most appealing aspect about the Pikashow Apk is that it is free and accessible on the Internet to download.

The app has become very well-known after the app was blocked in India. The only thing I don’t like about this app is the fact that it isn’t available for PC as of yet.

But don’t fret, I’ve got a trick for you to download Pikashow on PC as well.

Get PikaShow Latest Version. PikaShow APK Version 1.0 Latest

It is easy to download the Pikashow app’s latest version by using the link above. We will always give you the latest versions of the Pikashow application.

If you’d like to be current with the latest Pikashow app, you must bookmark this page as on this page we’ll regularly update you on news and updates for the Pikashow application.

Pikashow APK v75 Download

You can download the pikashow version 75 Apk from tech accent for free of cost with just a click.

Pikashow APK v76.8 APK Download (Latest)

Download the most recent version of the Pikashow app that includes IPL 2022 working mods from tech accents. I’ve provided the download links to the Pikashow app’s most recent version at the beginning of this post as well as at the bottom of this post.

Pikashow App Features

  • Enjoy popular TV and film series.
  • Watch IPL 2022 for FREE (new update)
  • Download videos to view later.
  • TV Channels are also accessible.
  • Find your most loved movies or shows on TV directly.
  • You can listen to music from all over the globe.
  • Playstore warnings corrected.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Simple and simple to make use of.
  • Security is suitable for Android users.
  • Absolutely free of charge and ad-free
  • Chat assistance.
  • A lot more.

Free TV Shows and Movies

By using the PikaShow App, you can stream new TV shows and movies at no cost on your Android device with the internet. Pikashow does not require a subscription to access this.

Live TV

Pikashow provides FREE Live TV service without any commitment to a subscription. If you’d like to enjoy Live TV on your device then download the most recent PikaShow application for free at Tech Accents.

Download TV and Films, as well as Movies.

Pikashow is packed with options in its app, and one of my favorites is the ability to download movies and TV shows at no cost. Pikashow is a true free motion and shows download service.

On pikashow, you are able to not download only movies and TV shows, but also download web Series at no cost from thousands of sources.

If you’d like to stream the pikashow without ads, download the most recent Pikashow Mod app.

How do I Install the Pikashow App?

The steps and installation procedure to install the pikashow application are simple, however, should you not know what you need to do to install the app pikashow on your computer, you can refer to the guide below.

Pikashow App Install the Pikashow app on Android (Guide)

  1. Then, open the android file manager, and then locate the pikashow_latest.apk file.
  2. Select the pikashow_latest.apk file, and you’ll be able to see an installation button
  3. Make sure you enable unknown source installation on the device settings
  4. Wait for the complete installation process to be completed.
  5. After you have completed the installation process, you are able to use the pikashow application on Android.

How do I Install the Pikashow application on your the PC (windows as well as mac)

  1. Install an Android emulator to your system
  2. In the market, you’ll be lost in the sea of Android emulators that work on windows and mac
  3. Choose any Android emulators you like and install them on your system.
  4. Then download the pikashow_latest.apk file to your system, free of tech accents.
  5. Open your Android emulator to load the pikahsow_latest.apk file.
  6. Then, install the file into your android emulator (android emulator)
  7. Install the pikashow application in the Android emulator, and you can watch the live TV channel on your PC.

How do I Make Use of the Pikashow App?

After installing and downloading the Picashow app, you’ll be pondering how to utilize it, so let’s talk about the story.

  • Open Pikashow after it is fully installed.
  • You will have two options before you: Next and Skip You must select the Skip option.
  • Following this, a variety of choices will pop up before you such as you can choose from Bollywood, Hollywood, Series, LiveTV, etc. You are able to choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to watch IPL 2022 on Pikashow App

You can watch the IPL 2022 on the Pikashow app by going to the section for sports in this app. In the section dedicated to sports, there is the option to watch live matches click on it. Following this, you’ll be able to view all live match streams. Select the one you would like to view.

If you would like to watch Live IPL in pikashow then select the stream IPL and choose a server that streams IPL 2022 without cost.

Is Pikashow Secure?

PikaShow is safe to use when you download the application via Tech Accents. Because on the internet, numerous fake pikashow apps are accessible that could be dangerous for you.


Now you know how to get and download the Pikashow application to the Android device. If you’re still having queries regarding the Pikashow app, post them in the comments section.