Want to reach your target audience effectively on Instagram? Consider adding an Instagram reel of your most engaging posts to your profile. A reel can help your followers gain a deeper appreciation of your brand and encourage them to engage with you more frequently, as well as share your content with their friends and followers. Here’s how to get started creating an Instagram reel that really works for you.

Should you create an Instagram reel?

If you’re using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy, chances are you’ve heard of an Instagram reel. An Instagram Reel Craze reel is essentially a full-screen slide show of images that link back to your Instagram account. Depending on what platform you use to create your Instagram account and how it chooses to display images, these slides might include an image and caption, or they could be simple text links. The idea behind reels is that they capture attention with their imagery (like ads do) but instead of sending users away from your page for more information, they take them back to where they came from—to complete engagement.

What type of content should you include in your reel?

The type of content you include in your reel depends on your goals. If you’re trying to reach new customers, then focus on more general content that can help drive people back to your Instagram profile and encourage them to follow you. But if your goal is building brand awareness, then try featuring specific pieces of brand content that make it clear who you are and what value your company provides (while also showing off your product or service). Remember, audiences must have an idea of what they’re getting before they follow you so intentional about how you represent yourself in order to maximize impact.

Who are my target customers?

Before you even begin creating a Reelcraze, it’s important to consider who your target audience is. By identifying their demographics, interests, and purchasing behaviors, you can better understand what type of media they enjoy and how best to reach them. 

For example, if your target audience is mothers with school-aged children that like yoga and expensive shoes, then your Instagram feed should emphasize healthy recipes (in bright pastel colors) as well as photos of cute kids in athletic gear doing yoga poses or wearing stylish new boots from high-end designers. 

If on the other hand, your target audience was young professional males between 25 and 35 that like sports cars, then you’d probable want to prioritize images of flashy automobiles over kale smoothies and green juices.

Where can I find images of them?

The images you use in your video should be ones that are available online so that anyone can access them. Instagram has an advanced search option that allows you to look for pictures under different categories. You may find inspiration in places such as Flickr or Pinterest, but make sure you do not download these images without permission. 

The more creative you got with your search term, and combinations of keywords, phrases, and topics, how far down a rabbit hole you’ll go exploring new sources of visual inspiration. When it comes to photos, it doesn’t matter who took them – whether it was a professional photographer or someone else who just happen upon something interesting – what matters is whether they work with your message and complement your products or services.

What should I include in the caption?

The caption should be an explanation of what Instagram reels are, why they are beneficial and how you can use them. Include your website URL in the description (not in the body of the image) so that viewers can find more information on your site. Add hashtags like #marketing and #advertising to attract other social media marketers. Include relevant images of relevant products that relate to your business.

Post it at the right time and place.

Since you don’t own Instagram, it’s important that you post your content on time. You have around 60 seconds from uploading your content for anyone (not just those who follow you) to see it. Post too early and all of your followers will miss it; post too late and it will get buried in people’s feeds. Be strategic about when you post, pick times when your followers are most likely to see it, or be sure to manually push each new piece of content out after posting so that both your followers and non-followers can find it at least once. And use hashtags!