There was a time when people were crazy for the theatrical experience. Content started evolving and theatres always quenched the demands of the public. 

Moreover, before the expansion of the internet within affordability, people were all stuck in theatres. But, in the recent trends, it is seen that movie buffs have turned their perspective into a different league. 

People have started watching web series, movies, etc. in the reach of their mobile phones via OTT subscription. The directors of those creations have brought up the concept of OTT into every individual’s entertainment spectrum. 

Growth of OTT platforms:

OTT platforms have evolved after the onset of the internet. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Unscreen, etc. have done a generous amount of business in the past years. 

Having said that, scriptwriters have also put their creativity into OTT platforms. Together, this made OTT platforms the best of all. 

Popular shows and movies are made available to the people via Over-the-top media, which significantly conceptualizes the content. Content became the real ruler, and more creativity and justification were put into it. 

Undoubtedly, movies have still a lot of crazes, but what has been affected is the total number of viewers in the theatres. People have started consuming content from OTT platforms, and have reduced the visits to cinema halls. 

The pandemic has also contributed to the growth of OTT platforms. As people were locked up in the house and were restricted from physical attendance, they sneaked into these platforms, to binge and enjoy. 

How has content evolved?

It could be said that a revolution has been brought up in the sphere of entertainment. The type of content has qualitatively been better and no doubt the viewership has increased as well. 

People now have access to every show the platform has, with just a subscription. The consumption of content has evolved from a rudimentary stage to an advanced stage. 

Previously, people used to get all their work done, take off the responsibilities, and eagerly wait for their content to show up on the television or in theatres. But, with the advent of OTT, people watch shows according to their preference. 

Content has evolved to a great extent and people have recognized the efforts of the cast. 

What kind of content has been popular? 

The best thing about the OTT platform is that there is the availability of every type of content. People have a variety of options now, and they choose what to watch and what not to. 

Earlier viewers couldn’t choose what they wanted to watch. The choice factor has been greatly influenced because of OTT platforms. OTT platforms provide diverse options to the viewers. 

Contents that have been quite popular are Sci-fi, comedy, thriller, action, etc. But, the list goes on. People keep on watching different types of content according to their wishes. 

So, there has been a remarkable change in the type of content people love to watch. As the quality of the content is quite high and satisfying, people have stopped visiting halls regularly. 

Will the OTT platforms take away all the business? 

Well, the answer to this question is definite. The predictability is high, but there is still a lot of craze for movies, theatres, dramas, etc. Regional stuff does well in the market too. 

It is quite a tough time to say that the OTT platforms have taken away everything from theatres. Statistics show that people have changed their perspective towards entertainment. But, still, there are a decent amount of movie viewers. 

What is unexpected is that the rate at which people are getting persuaded by OTT platforms is quite high. But, there is still a craze for cinemas, despite being suppressed by web series and shows. 

But an interesting question will be, could both of them co-exist?

Well, the answer is yes at this point. Both the movies and the shows are doing well in theatres and OTT platforms. People take out time for both of them, as there is no entertainment crisis. 

However, the graph is better on the OTT side. 


Over-the-top media has been doing exceptionally well for some years. Without a doubt, the shows are of great quality, addressing what the consumer wants. But, subsequently, both theatres and OTT platforms have their legacy at their levels.