At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos wiped out half of all life in the universe by decimating Asgard, Vormir, Xandar, and many other alien worlds. To make sure that he won’t be cheated by another hero, again and again, he made the Mind Stone the only way to access the collective knowledge of all infinite minds. And now we know who has lost because of it: Thor. 

The God of Thunder was killed by a blast from Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet just as Mjolnir was destroyed by Amora as revenge for his brother’s death. After that, Marvel superheroes have been battling over which one is stronger: Iron Man or Thor? The man in red has always been considered a secondary character in the Marvel Universe because his limited powers are not enough to fight Great Powerhouses like Doctor Doom. 

However, comic book writers constantly added new mysteries about him and now we know that he is a descendant of Odin who used to wield Mjolnir before losing it due to Loki’s trickery. Thus, we can say that Thor is theoretically stronger than Iron Man since he has supernatural abilities at his disposal, unlike Tony Stark who needs a suit and technology in order to become stronger than anyone else on Earth. Keep reading to find out which superhero is stronger!


Thor Is Stronger Than Iron Man

In the distant past, the Asgardians made a deal with the alien race called the Kree and gained superpowers for the first time. They were able to use the Power Stone to create weapons and amulets, and the Cosmic Stone to teleport across space and time. Ares, the God of War, was the one who created the extremely powerful hammer, Mjolnir. It had the ability to destroy planets and it was able to destroy all of the Mandarin’s Doombots thanks to the Collector’s Battleworld. 

The Goddess of Thunder, who otherwise is not powerful enough to defeat Thanos, has had the power to kill others with her magic lightning. These powers make Thor stronger than Iron Man in every aspect. He can fight alien races and gods with his hammer, but Iron Man can build a suit that can withstand any attack and that can also become stronger in combat against its wielder. After all, Iron Man’s suit gives him strength that Mjolnir does not have.


Thor Is Stronger Than Superman

The hammer of the Norse God, who is also the God of Thunder, has proven to be stronger than the Man of Steel, who has superhuman strength, speed and durability. After all, Thor was able to defeat Superman, who could fly, with the help of his hammer. Otherwise, the hammer is super strong enough to defeat the most powerful villains and heroes of the Marvel Universe. 

The crazy thing about it is that it has the power to absorb all types of energy and it can also create a storm around it that can damage anyone who approaches it. Also, the hammer is capable of wiping out the entire Reelcraze universe, so it can easily destroy Kal-El’s home planet, Krypton, and all of its people. 

Thor, on the other hand, has been able to survive numerous overpowered attacks and he has always come out of the fights victorious. His only weakness is his lack of finesse and power, so he can only deliver blows and not be very accurate in his attacks. In order to defeat Thor, Superman would have to manage to harm him with his Kryptonian powers.


Iron Man Is Stronger Than Superman

The Iron Man suit has proven to be stronger than the one that Superman wears. The suit has been able to defeat the Mad Titan and even survive the destruction of the universe. It is also capable of combining with other suits to fight against greater threats. For example, Captain America’s armor and Hulk’s body were able to defeat Thanos and stop the Black Order from wreaking havoc. 

The suit is able to withstand harsh conditions and it can also be upgraded to become even stronger. In addition, it can also create Reel Craze shields to block different types of attacks, including energy blasts and laser bolts. The suit makes Tony Stark a much stronger person than he would be without it. Thor’s hammer, on the other hand, can only damage other planets, but it can’t kill anyone.


Iron Man Is Stronger Than Batman

The suit, which protects Tony Stark from harm, has proven to be stronger than the Dark Knight’s iconic suit. It has been able to defeat villains like the Mad Titan, who was able to destroy the rest of the universe, and the Collector, who had the power to destroy worlds. 

It can also use in space and underwater, thanks to its repulsor engines. Iron Man’s suit is also much more advanced than Batman’s one. The only weaknesses that Stark’s suit has are its repulsor engines and its armor, so it can easy destroyed if attacked in the right way. Thor’s hammer, on the other hand, has proven to be weaker than even Hulk’s hammer.


Thor Is Stronger Than Batman

There is only one person who is stronger than Batman and that is the Norse God himself. After all, he has been able to defeat Thanos and the Mad Titan on a few occasions and he has also been able to hold his own against the Avengers on more than one occasion. His hammer, which is much more powerful than Batman’s utility belt, is capable of destroying planets. 

It can also use to create tornadoes and lightning bolts, so Thor is much more powerful than Batman. Thor’s only weakness is his lack of finesse, which means he can only deliver powerful blows without being very accurate. The hammer’s only weakness is its lack of durability, so it can easily destroy if attack in the right way.



It has been a long time since Iron Man and Thor have had a true fight, so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. Iron Man’s suit has proven to be more powerful than Thor’s hammer, but Thor has always been able to come back to challenge his enemy. So, who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments!