In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we know of six parallel Earths known as the Kree and Skrull-occupied worlds. Each of them has a different look, feel, and challenges for the heroes who are from our main world. The MCU’s movies have shown some beautiful images of these other worlds but have not elaborated much about them in-depth. 

In fact, most of us viewers can’t even guess what secrets lie beyond those colorful landscapes. In Dr. Strange and Avengers: Endgame, we learned more Reelcraze details about how this multiverse came to be. What you read here may refresh your memory on some things you once knew but may now have forgotten or never really understood in the first place. We’ve compiled all we know so far on the topic below


Where is the Soul of Dream in the Multiverse?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the multiverse is home to many different realms. The most prominent are the Kree-controlled worlds, which are mostly blue and green. DC’s multiverse is similar in that it is filled with many different Earths. However, DC’s multiverse also has many more worlds outside of our Earth. The MCU’s Dr. Strange and Avengers: EndGame has elaborated on the origin of the multiverse in detail. Both Dr. Strange and EndGame have shown us the beginnings of the multiverse. 

In Dr. Strange, we saw the creation of the Ancient One. The Ancient One is a powerful sorcerer who, in the comics, has the ability to manipulate time and space. His ability to do so is what helped to create our universe as we know it. In EndGame, we saw the creation of the universe as a whole. Here, Thanos (who is one of the MCU’s central villains) is shown creating the infinite energy that would then birth the multiverse. We then saw various realities start to form and merge together.


Eternity Is Just a Place to Wait for Death

The Ancient One’s manipulation of time and space is what created our universe. Time and space themselves were not an invention. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can see this idea of time and space is an invention the Ancient One uses to create our universe. In Dr. Strange, the Ancient One explains to Strange that time and space exist because he made them exist. In the comics, the Ancient One does not create time and space but instead manipulates them as we see Strange does in the MCU. Essentially, the Ancient One’s powers are very similar to the ones we see used by the sorcerers of the MCU.


Comic Books and Graphic Novels: They’re Not the Same Thing

People are often confused by the differences between comic books, graphic novels, and digital media. There are actually many differences between these three types of media. Let’s start with the most obvious one: the mediums. The medium of a story can often affect the story itself. Stories told in print media are usually more detailed and lengthy than those told via screens. 

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the medium of Dr. Strange is digital media. Dr. Strange’s story is told in the digital world of our screens. In the comics, however, the Ancient One was originally depicted as a sorcerer who lived thousands of years ago. This would imply a medium of ancient times.


The Kree World Is Mostly Blue and Green

In the MCU, the Kree-controlled world is mostly blue and green. Earth, however, is also blue and green as we see in Dr. Strange. But Earth is not the only blue and green realm in the MCU. The blue realm is known as Hala and the green realm is known as “Savage Land.” Hala and Savage Land are actually two different Kree worlds in the comics. In the comics, Hala is ruled by the Kree Supreme Intelligence, who uses the Kree inhabitants of Hala as his pawns. Savage Land is ruled by a single Kree.


Both Male and Female Realms Have Different Looks

In the comics, there are many different worlds that are ruled by men and women. For example, there is the male realm known as “Savage Land” and the female realm known as “Savage Land.” In the MCU, we have seen two realms that are ruled by a man and a woman. In the first one, we have Dr. Stephen Strange and his partner, Kaecilius. In the second one, we have Captain Marvel and her partner, Yon-Rogg.


Skrulls Are Violent and Ruthless Predators

The Skrulls are a race of shape-shifting aliens who have been trying to invade the Earth since the beginning of time. In the comics, they have been known as “the shapeshifters” and “the shape-shifters.” When Dr. Strange and Avengers: EndGame showed us the multiverse, it was revealed that the Skrulls were the ones who created the multiverse. The Skrulls are not just one species in the MCU. They are actually a race of many different species from different planets.


K’un-Zi’s (Doctor Strange) World Is a Bit More Dramatic

In the Reel Craze comics, the Ancient One is one of the most powerful sorcerers alive. In the MCU, the Ancient One is a bit less powerful than in the comics. This is because the Ancient One’s true power lies in the mystical figurine he wears around his neck: the Eye of Agamotto. When Dr. Strange and Avengers: EndGame showed us the multiverse, it was revealed that the multiverse was, in fact, a fake created by the Ancient One. 

The Ancient One played a trick on the Skrulls, forcing them to create a fake universe where they could hide away from the humans. The Ancient One tricked the Skrulls by creating a multiverse where they would not be able to find a home. They would have to hide in the fake multiverse created by the Ancient One, who would keep them safe from the humans.


Bottom Line

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone above and beyond in bringing us rich and detailed stories about our heroes. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has also expanded our ideas about the multiverse, showing us many new and different kinds of worlds. 

The multiverse has many different kinds of people, many different kinds of planets, and many different kinds of natural disasters. Additionally, the MCU has shown us many characters and many different worlds that are not from Earth. These aliens have added new dimensions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have elevated their stories to a new level of greatness.