The Simpsons is one of the most popular and influential cartoons of all time. It’s been around for over 30 years, and it’s a part of our cultural landscape. Whether you’re a Simpsons fan or not, you owe it to yourself to check out this comprehensive guide to understanding the show. From Season 1 to Season 9, we’ll look at every episode, character, and plot point in an effort to give you a complete understanding of American life in cartoons.


The Simpsons began airing on The WB in 1989

, and it was a huge hit.

You’ve probably seen references to The Simpsons in your social media posts and in other contexts. So why do you need to understand the show?

The Simpsons is an iconic American cartoon that’s been around since 1989. It’s a part of our cultural landscape, and it’s become as much of a part of pop culture as TV shows like Seinfeld or Friends. By studying this animated series, you’ll have a better understanding of what being a cartoon actually means — and why we love to watch it.


The Simpsons has been influential for over 30 years

The Simpsons has been a classic and influential cartoon since it began in 1989. It’s currently sitting at #2 on the Nielsen ratings list of prime-time television shows, having won four Emmys for outstanding writing and directing, two for outstanding comedy series, and one for outstanding variety series. As of 2018, The Simpsons has been renewed for three more seasons.

So how does The Simpsons influence our lives? In this article we’ll look at what you can expect from the show as well as where it came from. If you need a refresher on every episode ever made, check out our infographic here


Season 9 is the last season of the show


The Simpsons is an animated comedy television series created by Matt Groening. The series follows the Simpson family and their friends, who live in Springfield, a fictional American city in the middle of nowhere. The show premiered on Fox in 1989, and it’s been running ever since. It’s one of the longest-running shows on television, ranking #1 as the most watched new program for 11 straight years from Season 1 to Season 13.

Because it’s been so successful, The Simpsons has also become a commercial property for other producers. In fact, its influence on modern animation has been tremendous; over 50 films have taken inspiration from The Simpsons and other characters like Homer (the main character), Bart (the younger Simpson brother), Lisa (the second-youngest Simpson sister), Marge (the mother of the family), Maggie (the youngest Simpson child), and others.

The first season alone spawned 4 sequels: Bart vs. America: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Rager; Son of Sky; Time Traveling with Cousin Oliver; and Treehouse of Horror XXII: Many Great Googlies! On top of that, it inspired countless animated films — including Futurama , South Park , Family Guy , and many more

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What makes the Simpsons so popular?

Special episodes, iconic characters, and a timeless quality  In an age where everyone is obsessed with social media, it can be easy to forget that a TV show can have lasting influence. In the case of The Simpsons , a simple animated comedy about dysfunctional families on the fictional town of Springfield, this influence has lasted for over 30 years.

The reason why The Simpsons is so popular is largely because of its unique humor and memorable characters. It’s also worth noting that this series was in development for decades before being broadcast as an actual series—a testament to how successful it is.

We will look at all aspects of the show, from behind-the-scenes stories to some of the most memorable episodes. This guide will act as both a history lesson and an informative guide to understanding The Simpsons . You’ll learn how it got started, the characters and storylines that made it popular, and what makes every episode so special!


How do you get into the Simpson’s world?

By taking a look at their early days.

Though the Simpsons have come a long way since their first episode aired in 1989, it’s important to remember that they are still an American classic. The show, which is set in Springfield, has become more than just a comedy: It’s an international phenomenon that’s been translated into 93 languages and sold over 100 million copies.

It’s also a cultural phenomena with some serious roots in real-life life. When you get into the world of the Simpsons, you’ll see references to everything from baseball history to religious doctrine. You’ll also discover that there’s a lot more behind every cartoon than meets the eye—and there are many reasons why the world loves Homer Simpson just as much as we do!


What are the different styles of The Simpsons?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We’ll look at the different styles of The Simpsons, starting with Season 1.

The first season of The Simpsons began in 1989 and aired through 1992. While it was a critical success, it didn’t always live up to its potential as an irreverent satire of American pop culture.

As the show went on, new episodes were released until Season 9. As you might expect, each season became more and more sophisticated and contained a deeper insight into American life. Through Seasons 4-9, the writers gradually built upon their previous ideas in order to create something entirely new and fresh for the audience.


How much did The Simpsons cost to make?

And how long did it take?

For the most part, an animated TV show is a pretty cheap proposition to produce. It’s no secret that The Simpsons aired for 25 seasons and took almost three decades to complete. Additionally, the production of a single episode can cost anywhere from $2 million to $4 million dollars.

So how much did The Simpsons cost to produce?  And how long did it take? For comparison purposes, here’s a breakdown of the costs for each season of The Simpsons: Season 1 (1992-1994) $3 million Season 2 (1995-1997) $5 million Season 3 (1998-2000) $7 million Season 4 (2001-2003) $9 million Season 5 (2004-2006) $10 million Season 6 (2007-2009) $11.5 million Season 7 (2010-2012) $12.5 million


What are some of the controversies around the show?

The Simpsons is widely considered to be one of the greatest television shows of all time. The series has won numerous awards and is considered to be an important and influential part of American culture. The show, however, has its fair share of controversy.

For instance, an episode in Season 10 caused a lot of controversy when they aired the Seinfeld-esque “Lisa” episode that promised to see Homer meet Jesus Christ. This was met with backlash from various Christian groups who felt this storyline was blasphemous and offensive (who are we kidding? It’s ridiculous).

Despite these controversies, there’s no denying that The Simpsons is a great show and watching it is a truly enjoyable experience. Even if you don’t like the show or characters, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a chance.