Movie theaters are all the rage these days. People flock to the theaters and sit in their seats, glued to the screen while they enjoy a good movie. But not all movies are created equal, and some of them deserve a little extra time and attention. 

When you go to see a movie with your friends, it’s always fun to bring snacks and have a few drinks. Here are 5 ways you can make your Reelcraze experience better by coming prepared!


The Best Kinds of Movies to See in the Theater

There are some movies that are just so much fun to watch on the big screen. If you want to make sure your movie experience is awesome, go see a movie that you would never dream of watching on TV. 

These types of movies are usually recent releases and have a lot of action with lots of plot twists and turn that keep you wondering what is going to happen next.

For example, if you want to go see a film before it comes out in theaters, try catching up on one of the Marvel movies. It’s always fun to catch up with what has been happening in the MCU while you’re at the theater!

Another option is seeing a horror movie like Paranormal Activity 3 or Insidious: Chapter 2. Even though they may be scary, these films provide tons of entertainment for those who dare to watch them in theaters.


When It Comes to Food, You Are What You Eat

Yes, you should be bringing snacks when you go to the movies. But, there are a few rules and regulations that you must follow. For example, if the movie theater is showing a comedy film, don’t bring hot dogs. If it’s a horror film, make sure your snacks are non-spicy and safe for kids and adults alike. Another rule? No candy before the movie!


Here’s a List of Snacks to Keep Your Movie Experience Healthy

Now that you’ve got your snacks, you can keep your movie experience healthy. Just make sure to bring some for the kids!

– Chips and dip

– Trail mix

– Nuts

– Pretzels

– Cheese sticks

– Popcorn and butter

– Fruit (apple or oranges)

– Dried fruit like raisins and apricots


5 Ways to Make Your Movie Experience Better.

1. Bring your own snacks and drinks. Of course, this is the most obvious one on the list. You don’t want to be stuck with a bucket of stale popcorn and two cans of coke because they were overpriced at the concession stand. Bring what you need so that you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about going hungry or skipping any scenes because you’re bored!

2. Wear comfortable clothes. If you’re going to be sitting for hours, it’s important that you wear clothes that are comfy enough for long periods of time. If you have on something tight, constriction might cause pain in your back or neck which would ruin your experience.

3. Watch a movie before coming out to see it in theaters. Whether it’s just from TV or from YouTube, watch a few minutes of the movie before you go out so that you don’t get too lost in what’s happening on screen and miss anything!

4. Bring earplugs if there are loud talkers in your theater (or conversation!). If someone is talking too loudly during the film, bring some earplugs so that everyone can Reel craze their experience!

5. Pack bottled water or some other drink in case of hunger strikes while watching the movie: Theaters don’t always provide water and sometimes they’re even out by the time they get around to it! Make sure to pack a bottle so that you won’t have to make any last-minute decisions.