Besides locking in your style, a cold air hair dryer will also allow you to reduce frizz. If you’re one of those people who has a hard time getting their tresses as straight and smooth as possible, cold air can help. Also, if you’re looking for that sleek, straight hair look without having to shell out tons of money on products and salon trips, a cold air dryer is the way to go.

You may be wondering if a cold air hair dryer will work with curly and wavy locks. The answer is yes.  A lot of styling tools are meant specifically for straight hair types; however, the cold setting on these powerful machines is suitable for all textures.

They make your hair shiny.

Regular blow dryers tend to blast your hair with heat, which will leave it fried and damaged over time. A good cold air dryer, on the other hand, will seal the cuticle of your hair, preventing damage and keeping it soft, shiny, and healthy-looking. A cold air dryer is also better for your scalp because it doesn’t cause skin cells to flake off due to extreme heat. It also helps retain color in your hair for a longer period of time; this means you can get away with fewer touch-ups if you invest in a quality cold air dryer. To top things off, a cold air dryer is good for all hair types: fine, medium, or thick.

They help prevent damage.

You may be wondering, why would I need a cold air dryer? After all, aren’t all hair dryers hot?

Well, no, hot-air hair dryers have the potential to damage your strands and make them more brittle. This is because they raise the temperature of your hair and cause it to lose moisture. Hot-air hair dryers tend to leave people feeling frustrated with their frizzy, dried-out tresses.

A cold hairdryer, on the other hand, helps prevent heat damage and lock in moisture. In addition to preventing heat damage, a cold air hairdryer can also help you achieve shinier and healthier-looking hair by trapping in your natural oils. The results are softer locks that appear silky smooth.

They boost volume.

You’ve probably heard that cold air is your friend when you’re blow-drying your hair, but why is that? Because cold air boosts volume.

Hair naturally goes through a process called “swelling” when it’s exposed to heat, which causes it to expand in size. When this happens, the follicles open up, making it much more difficult to style and create volume.

Because cold air reduces the size of the hair follicle, the strand becomes easier to style into the shape you want. Cold air also helps keep hair looking shiny and healthy and who doesn’t want that?

Your hair dries faster.

Another huge advantage of this hairdryer is that your hair dries faster than it would with a warm air dryer or with other methods. You’ve already seen how a cold air hairdryer does not damage hair, so one might think that it would also take longer to dry since the heat is lower.

These hair dryers are significantly faster than using warm air and significantly faster than using towels, which can actually weaken the structure of your hair due to friction. Furthermore, they’re even faster than letting your hair air-dry naturally (the worst method for frizz), and they’re also faster than drying with a fan.

They have several advantages over conventional ones.

No doubt, they have several advantages over conventional ones. If you’ve been relying on one for a long time, it’s worth considering what you’re missing out on by sticking with an old-fashioned model.

Conventional hair dryers use heat to evaporate water from the outer shaft of your hair and expedite the drying process. While this gets the job done, it can be damaging to your locks in several ways. For one thing, high temperatures can make your hair very brittle and prone to breakage over time. Additionally, because hot air dries out your scalp as well as your strands, using a conventional blow dryer on a regular basis could lead to dandruff that’s difficult to treat. By contrast, cold air hairdryers cause no damage whatsoever because they don’t apply any heat at all, this makes them much better for preserving the health of both your skin and your tresses.