When working on a construction site or any project on the highway, you must be visible to others to prevent accidents, especially when the overall visibility is low. For this reason, hi-vis shirts are essential for construction workers. It ensures safety for the workers and the commoners as they will become cautious of the work site ahead of them. 

The hi-vis shirts are one of the protective measures that every industry must take to ensure workers’ safety. It is crucial for those workers who work under hazardous conditions. You can get high-visibility shirts in specific vibrant colors. But, as it is a vital thing and has a great purpose to solve, you must be careful that you are doing the right purchase. Look for these under mentioned features to buy the right hi vis shirts.

What to Look For In Hi-Vis Shirts

Hi-vis shirts are essential when working in extreme conditions; hence, the design and the material must qualify the standards according to the country. So, to purchase hi vis shirts for your worker, you must check the requirements. Following are the primary safety features of the reflective shirts.

  • Reflectivity:

High-vis shirts have reflective panels, which are essential, especially when working at night on highways, and they must be prominent even when there is no light. Moreover, the reflective panels are also highly effective in the day as you can distinguish between the person at work and the commoners. Therefore, when you purchase reflective shirts, always make sure that the reflective stripes are adequately placed on all sides of the shirt. 

  • Durable:

Since the hi-vis shirts are not meant for a particular day, you will need them for everyday use. Hence before purchasing the reflective shirt, you must always check the material. It must be durable so that it lasts for a longer time. Moreover, the color of the reflective shirts must not fade fast else it will be of no use. Also, as you need to buy them in bulk quantity for your employees you must not pay unnecessary money buying less durable shirts. Hence, if you invest in hi-vis shirts, make sure you purchase the best quality. 

  • Washable:

The hi-vis shirts should be easily washable as they are expose to dirt, oil, and similar substances during work. The most important part of the reflective shirts is the stripes. Hence, you must make sure that the stripes wash correctly with water. However, you should not use bleach or some detergents on the reflective shirts, as the color will instantly vanish. It will then become useless to wear high-visibility shirts.

  • Comfortable:

Though the hi-vis shirts are worn to keep you safe at your workplace, they must be comfortable to wear also. You will get a different size than the reflective shirts as there are standard sizes. Moreover, the reflective shirts also keep you warm or cool according to the place’s temperature. Therefore, always check the material before purchasing reflective shirts for the comfort and safety of the workers.

  • An Adequate Number Of Pockets:

Since the hi-vis shirts are worn explicitly at the time of work, you must ensure that it has the necessary pockets. It is because when you work at a site on the road, you need some handy tools to carry with you. The pockets are an additional feature that can help to make the work faster and smoother. 

  • Always Buy From A Reputable Source:

Keep the price high if you plan to buy reflective shirts for your workers. It is advisable to always buy from a reputable shop so that the high-visibility shirts meet the required standards. One of the benefits of purchasing reflective shirts from a known shop is that you will get shirts of good quality and durability. Moreover, if there is any damage, you can always replace them quickly. 

Classes of Hi-Vis Shirts

There are three categories of high-visibility shirts according to their usage.

  • Class I:

The high visibility shirts belonging to ‘class I’ are for people working on the road and highways. It has a visibility of less than a hundred meters. So, while on the road, commuters will quickly see the people at work.

  • Class II:

The ‘class II’ category of hi-vis shirts is used for people working in factories and industries.

  • Class III:

If your work involves hazardous places due to chemicals or extremes of temperature, then the ‘class III’ category is functional. The reflective shirts act as a powerful protector.


The hi vis shirts are a great way to protect workers from workplace dangers, and the reflective stripes are helpful during the day and at night. Moreover, if you purchase reflective shirts for your workers, you must ensure they meet the desired standards.