Saying goodbyes are hard, especially if the person before you is your close childhood friend. Growing up and relocating is never easy but it is part of the process called life. Don’t grief over your friend who is finally taking steps to move forward in life. Bid him/her goodbye meaningful and nostalgic gifts. Here are a few excellent gift ideas that could work for you.

Open when envelopes

These envelopes are an excellent gift that will bring a smile to your friend’s face even if they are miles away. A particular card for each situation will be at their service to plot his/her mood anytime and anywhere.

Custom farewell cake

A custom farewell cake made with delicate fondant work and the preferred flavor of your friend could be an excellent parting gift. Though you don’t have plans for a party, a beautiful cake from a cake connoisseur of an online cake shop will make their last day with you memorable.

Code bracelet

The fun part about having a best friend is you get to make up unique codes to interact with one another.  An exceptional code bracelet will be an excellent gift to make your friend nostalgic about the good old days.

Polarized sunglass

Cool polarized sunglasses are in trend. Gift your friend a pair of stunning sunglasses as a goodbye present.

Packing cube set

Relocating is huge. From packing essentials to moving out stuff everything has to be perfect so that nothing important is left behind. A set of packing cubes will be extremely useful to your friend who will be moving out soon.

2022 weekly planners

 Productive weekly planners help follow effective routines chalking out time for important things. Your friend would appreciate a custom planner that would enable him/her to achieve their daily goals.

Dancing butterfly puzzle

An anesthetic puzzle box with beautiful monarch butterflies is an excellent gift. People don’t care about board games much since pubg and free fire. But an exciting puzzle surely reminds your friend of simple childhood days.

Best friend gift box

A best friend curated gift box with caffeine body scrub, sheet mask, personal diary, old photos, wrist band, cool stationery, scented candles, and a personal message card is just the sentimental gift box that you are looking for to surprise your childhood friend. Just like online cake delivery in Guwahati, you can order these personalized boxes online according to your friend’s preference.

Zodiac ceramic trinket box

For an astrology-obsessed friend a personalized zodiac ceramic box for keeping tiny accessories and precious trinkets is quite a simple yet sophisticated gift.

‘Keep going’ Sweatshirt

A cozy sweatshirt printed with key going could be all the motivation that your friend needs from the whole he/she is residing far away.

5-minute journal

A fine minute journal could be useful for your friend. Each morning after they wake up they could spend a couple of minutes listing down their to-do list or day’s priorities. but at night they could see if they fulfilled the list and add their lesson of the day.

Portable electric air fryer

Keeping in mind your closest friend’s gluten record, a portable air fryer could be a nice gift to encourage him/her to learn some easy recipes to satisfy their cravings when they will leave alone.

‘Home is where you find happiness’ card

A card to remind your friend too. To stay motivated and happy while being apart from people he loves and grew up with is a kind gesture. Help him/her stay focused on their goal with a home where you find happiness motivating a greeting card.

Cartoon print pajama set

Comfy mini pajamas set for lousy days will be reminiscent of the childish fun you two had while growing up during carefree Sundays.