Education could modify the life of people. It changes the life of communities along with nations. It talks about the future of our humanity. 

As per historical records, the enlightenment had a shared wave in the development. It had revolutionized the direction towards humanity. In recent times, this had assisted in ending social division and hatred.

The achievements have not been measurable. I can check different factors. Education has been putting an end to poverty. 

The advantages are measurable. This idea has been accepted significantly. Education is a tool to fight against poverty. 

There is speculation about the truth. It is important to know how education can fight against poverty. This is proof for exploring the incident. 

10 Ways Education Fight Against Poverty

There are ten ways proving education can fight against poverty. They are as follows:

1. Reading Skills 

The research report reveals the international poverty must come to an end. The children living in countries having low income had got fundamental skills in reading. I have found a direct connection between the reduction of poverty and education.

2. Role of GDP

The countries offer education for most of the citizens. They had 23 percent more GDP than others. It is essential to understand equality in the field of education. 

This is vital for the improvement of GDP along with poverty reduction.

3.  Role of Schooling

Every year, schooling improves the GDP in a country by around 37 percent.

4.  Increasing Crop Yield

Education enhances the yield of a crop. It might reduce hunger for countries having low incomes. For instance, in Kenya, the yields in crops might improve by 22 percent when women have the same form of education for practice in farming. 

It can be compared with men. A strong system of education assists the development of a child. It assists in building emotional and social skills. 

The child can develop communication and cognitive skills. The programs of education offer assistance in the development of abilities and knowledge. It might include the assets of mankind. 

The children obtain a good standard of education at the primary level. They are going to build those assets. It is meant for a higher standard. 

They can utilize those skills. It is good to know that they are going to earn well. They are going to build fundamental assets. 

5. Reduction in Mortality

The child reading is 50 percent to go beyond five years. A correlation has been found between reduction in mortality of childhood along with education.

6. Maternal Mortality

The women got their primary education. The maternal deaths will be reduced by 66 percent. I have found a correlation between falls in education and maternal mortality.

7. Development of Health of Common Man

Education is going to assist in enhancing public health for countries having low incomes. For instance, a program for awareness of HIV/AIDS has been started by Botswana in 2006. There is a percent of youngsters knowing about AIDS and HIV.

 It had begun from 28% to 45%. The infection rate of HIV had been reduced by 50% starting from 2001 and ending in 2009.

8.  Family Planning 

As people have been educated on the alternatives of family planning, they possess small children. For instance, Iran had trained their citizens regarding choices of family planning. Then the size of a family in Iran had fallen from around 7 children for every household to three children per household.

9. Number of Children in Family

The women had significant education with less number of children. It is going to decrease the level of people suffering from poverty.

10. Taking Part in Government 

People getting a lot of education will take part in the government. For the countries having low income, it indicates people will enhance their lives for the initiatives of the government.

Education could not be the final way to fight against international poverty. 

Education has a significant influence on reducing poverty along with the standard of life. These people are suffering from poverty. For some reason, education must go on for fighting against poverty around the world.

The total change in climate and quickly rising natural disasters have been observed. It has been found that 122 million people had been in poverty within 2030. It has been stated in UNESCO. 

The presence of secondary and primary education for citizens offers farmers in the future skills in critical thinking. There is sustainable change within agriculture. This is going to end poverty. This is important to combine ecological change and climate change for the curriculum of education.