‍The Reelcraze movie franchise has been on a roll since James Cameron’s Avatar hit theaters back in 2009. The first film in the series grossed more than $2.7 billion worldwide and spawned four sequels, which each surpassed the original’s box office earnings (in some cases by a considerable margin). As such, we can only assume that the franchise will continue to grow as films are release every few years. And with the latest installment hitting theaters this week, we now have the second sequel in less than two years. So what do you think? Are you excited about Avatar 2? Let us know in the comments below!


Avatar 2: Avatar 5.0

Avatar 2 will take place in a completely new world, featuring a completely different cast of characters. We will see the rest of Jake’s team return in the sequel, as well as some new faces. The plot of the film will be centered on the conflict between the native peoples and the humans who have become the dominant species on Pandora. The natives of Pandora have supernatural powers that the humans fear, while the humans’ oppressors have the power of guns and technology.

Jake and the gang will have to find a way to unite the natives and the humans in order to save the planet. Avatar 2 is around 80% finished. Cameron was originally aiming to have the film released in July 2018, but that date has now been moved up to December 18th. At this point, the studio will most likely release the film a few weeks before Christmas, so that it can enjoy a much better box office than the original Avatar.


The Rise of Blue Dragon

The plot of Avatar 2 continues after the events of the first film, as Jake and his crew discover that the war between humans and the natives has escalated to a new level. The humans are now attacking the blue-skinned natives, who fly giant flying dragons. In order to save the native people, Jake and his team must find a way to unite the blue-skinned natives and the white-skinned humans. 

But this is easy said than done, give that the blue-skin natives are now under attack by the humans and the blue dragons have been kidnap by the humans. To make matters worse, Jake’s old rival now has the ability to move between all these worlds, and he has vowed to stop Jake at all costs. 

Blue Dragon is a 2007 Chinese animate action film, loosely base on the myth of the Chinese legendary hero Hua Mu Hu. It was direct by and produce by John Woo and was release in North America by 20th Century Fox on June 5, 2008.


Dark Horse Avatar Comics

In late 2016 a new Avatar comic book series was announce call Dark Horse’s Avatar: The Last Airbender comics. The series will base on the critically acclaim television series and will write by Brian K. Vaughan, who also wrote the comics adaptation of the popular sci-fi series Saga. 

The first issue of the series was release on October 5th, 2017, and so far ten issues have release with an eleventh scheduled to arrive in June 2018. The comics have well receive by fans of the series and have featured some great stories, including a two-part story that saw the return of the spirit Aang. 

A new comic book series title Dark Horse’s Avatar: The Promise was release in May 2018, and the first issue is now available for purchase. The story sees the return of Aang and the gang, who must deal with the consequences of their actions in the series finale.


The Twilight Zone of the Avatar Franchise

The most recent Avatar film made over $61 million during its opening weekend, but that wasn’t quite enough to match the total earnings of its predecessor. In fact, according to Box Office Mojo, the film made less than the original Avatar. So what do you think? Is it time for the Avatar franchise to end? Despite the slightly disappointing box office results, 

Avatar 2 is still expected to make some serious money when it hits theaters on December 18th. As such, it’s safe to say that the franchise will continue on for years to come, and we may even see Avatar 3 in 2020. The problem with the Avatar franchise is that it’s just too popular. 

The films alone have made billions of dollars, and now we have the television series, comic books, and even an upcoming video game. There’s just too much of the Avatar franchise for Cameron and the studio to be able to keep up with it all. And considering that the films are already getting old, there’s a chance that the franchise will fall out of favor soon enough. But for now, we’ll just have to see how long the Avatar franchise can continue on for.


What Are People Talking About?

Avatar 2 has received a lot of buzz in recent weeks. Thanks to a number of brand-new posters for the film, fans have been talking about the sequel at a fever pitch, speculating about the direction the new film will take and discussing what to expect from the next film. One of the most interesting aspects of the latest poster is the set of blue dragons that have appeared in it. 

The blue dragons have been a prominent part of the Avatar universe since the first film, and they’ve played a vital role throughout the series. But in the latest poster, the blue dragons have replace by a new species of dragon, which many fans are speculating is the blue-skin humans. 

This would be a huge turn of events for the franchise, as it would mean that the blue dragon species was destroy in the war between humans and natives. While this would be a huge change for the franchise, it would also make a lot of sense, given that the blue dragons were always depict as the villains in the series.



Avatar 2 might have a new world and new characters, but many of the same plot points and themes will still be present. The war between humans and the native Pandoran population will still be a prominent theme in the film, and it will still revolve around the threat of a militarized race of humans who are trying to take over the planet. 

The film will still feature a threat that comes from the skies, and it will still feature a female protagonist who must lead the people against the threat. The only new aspect that Avatar 2 will bring to the table is introducing a new type of dragon, which will help to spice things up a bit. 

While it’s interesting to see how the new Reel Craze movie will change the franchise, it’s important to remember that the story will still revolve around the same plot points.