Learn Noorani Qaida Online

If you’re a novice and don’t have prior experience with the Arabic language, and you are looking for an online learning experience we suggest the Noorani Qaida class is an excellent method to learn how to understand the Quran in a proper manner without making pronunciation errors.

The purpose of Noorani Qaida online course is to teach students at the beginning in the Arabic Language the correct pronunciation of the alphabet, which can help in teaching the Quran to both women and men of all ages, increase awareness, and also learn the rules of tajweed in addition.

Luckily, unlike old times, you no longer have to attend classes in person to master Noorani Qaida. Today, Quran Pak Online Center provides the Noorani Qaida Online Course that can assist you in learning Noorani Qaida online with tajweed in the comfort of your home.

If you’re confused regarding the process of learning online, you’ll be free from all concerns about learning Noorani Qaida online with this article.

What exactly is Noorani Qaida?

The name “Noorani Qaida” originates by the surname of its creator Sheikh Nur Muhammad Haqqani.Based on excerpts taken from the Quran. The book provides guidelines on how to pronounce the Arabic alphabet. 

It also helps students to master the Quran. The book begins by introducing the Arabic alphabet Noorani Qaida in relation to the pronunciation of the letters individually and in a group . Then; it goes on to some Noorani Qaida Tajweed guidelines.

Within Noorani Qaida, a total of seventeen chapters are devoted to teaching the Arabic alphabet and Arabic phrases, after which the complete Quranic verses, excluding what is known as Tajweed rules. 

For non-Arab students, it is easy to master Arabic through this method, especially for young children.

There are many levels of sophistication within the Arabic language. Noorani Qaida helps you to learn and read the Arabic language by aiding you in understanding the rules of tajweed.

Why is learning Noorani Qaida Essential?

A competent Muslim must master the Noorani Qaida in the beginning in order to understand the Quran correctly. The Noorani Qaida includes all Arabic alphabets and assists non-native Muslims improve their Arabic pronunciation before they start studying the Quran. Anyone who isn’t an Arab should learn how to read the alphabet in the Arabic language to pronounce correctly the Quranic words.

There are many benefits of learning Noorani Qaida for children as well as people who are not native Muslims:

  1. It lets you learn how to read joint letters as well as compound letters.
  2. It is the basis of learning and reading the Quran.
  3. You will be able to understand the words without making errors by Noorani Qaida Tajweed reading.
  4. Learn Long vowels (also known as HuroofMaddyiah), HuroofLinah, Noon Sakeenah, and Tanwin.
  5. Activities in the curriculum could aid in improving your proficiency.

Why should you choose Quran Pak Online Center Noorani Qaida Online Course?

This is a problem that is a constant in the minds of those who decide to study Noorani Qaida on the internet. The decision can be a bit difficult, and we can understand the difficulty of making such a decision. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the reasons to consider the Noorani Qaida online class as an excellent choice for you and your children to help you learn to master Noorani Qaida English step-by-step!

Learn at your own Speed

In the case of online Qaida teaching, some can master it in a relatively short amount of time, whereas others may take several months to master the concepts. If you require more time to understand, then you are able to take your time. you’re an expert at learning and would like to master Noorani Qaida quicker, it’s possible.

you opt for traditional face-to-face classes to master the art of learning to read Noorani Qaida the way you want then you don’t have the same control over the time you spend in class. However, when you opt for online schools you can learn at your own pace.

The Internet has no boundaries.

The other benefit of choosing to study Noorani Qaida is the fact that

there aren’t geographic barriers, and you can enroll in a class no matter where you live. You can assure of having the most prestigious Islamic schools at your fingertips when you choose to learn online.

Feedback on Every Class

Typically, in our online Noorani Qaida Course, each student has a distinct teacher,

which allows students to receive feedback about the quality of their Noorani Qaida Arabic performance that is quick and precise.

Through Our live online Noorani Qaida classes, You may also request your instructor to give you regular feedback in order to help you improve your learning as well as pronunciation abilities.

The latest monthly reports are compared to the previous ones,

and the degree of improvement is evaluated in the field of learning

since Riwaq Al Azhar has been dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our experienced Quran tutors will be there to support you and guide you to reach your goals step by step.

Low-Cost Fees

Our goal is to provide the top Quran instructors and unparalleled online Quran teaching at a reasonable cost. When compared with others Quran online academies which have a price that is very high for their classes. Our online Quran courses are a far more practical option in terms of cost and the quality of learning.

What you’ll learn in our Noorani Qaida Online Lessons

  • Reading the Arabic Alphabets in a single either congruously or individually
  • Different shapes of Arabic letters, based on their location in the word
  • The Arabic letters, with various varieties of vowels and Tanween
  • Letters of Lengthening and soft lengthening
  • The Arabic letters are paired with Sukoon
  • Doubled lettering… as well as many others!

The Course Objectives

  • Pronunciation of The Arabic Alphabet with diacritic marks taught by native Arabic tutors
  • Learn how to understand Quranic Arabic & Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) correctly
  • Pronouncing Quran words correctly during an interaction with a person in person


The Quran as written by Allah SWT can be a fountain of mercy and wisdom for the whole human race. It is worthy of reverence and respect, and doing all we can understand Quran Recitation online is a wonderful virtue as the prophet Muhammad PBUH once said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who study the Quran and then teach it.