Uses of Custom Taper Candle Packaging Boxes:

Taper Candle Packaging Boxes are designed with the company’s logo which is good for advertising. Taper candles are cylindrical bases with long and also thin candles narrow from the top. These are mostly used in weddings to decorate the reception table, birthday parties, and also dinner tales. It is also used in grief. Many companies produce candles with seasonal fruits fragrances to enhance the demand for candles.

In some cultures, people give candles as gifts. So, the packaging is a key to increasing the demand and also the beauty of Taper Candle Boxes. To compete with other candle manufacturers, our custom boxes are the best and also high quality, bringing sales positive results. Our custom boxes mean interaction with the customers faster, effectively, and also efficiently.

Custom boxes are designed with the company’s logo which is good for advertising. The logo is designed with a specific color and also graphic art to make it arresting. Our company uses sparkling colors of CMYK and also PMS schemes. Custom boxes with logos help people to identify the brands and also agencies.

  • We highlight some goals of custom packaging and also the logo.
  • You can show your company’s core value decently through custom boxes and also logos. Most customers observe the product by its packaging.
  • A fine custom packaging invites the clients to learn about its products. It is the reality that a designed logo is a foundation to build a positive brand image.
  • A logo is a symbol that leads your consumers towards the product.

Why is plant base material good for Taper Candle Packaging Boxes?

No one wants to carry the candles without packaging. People need such boxes for candles that save them from scratches, damage, and also dents. For these purposes, they need premium quality material. We are producing of that kind material for custom taper candle packaging boxes like cardboard, corrugated, and also Kraft.

  1. Cardboard manufacturing and advantages:

The cardboard is created with rotten trees, yellow leaves, and also husk easily available. It exists a huge ranking for retail production. You can get economical to premium quality cardboard cartons as per your budget. That is why; companies prefer cardboard. The supportive features of cardboards are:

  • Strength and resilience
  • Moderate
  • Climate-friendly
  • Outstanding printing result
  1. Corrugated and its advantages:

Corrugated is manufactured with an arched paper that protects the candles from moisture and also damage. It uses widely all over the world. The advantages of corrugated are:

  • Protective material
  • Low-cost
  • Environmental
  • Reduce the risk of damaging
  • Light-weight

Custom styling of Taper Candle Packaging Boxes:

Custom packaging considers the first impression of products on clients. You can appreciate deals profit after expending a little payment on the packaging. We offer classy custom taper candle packaging boxes like auto bottom, gable box, sleeve box, front and also reverse end-tuck boxes, tray box, one-piece box, two-piece box, 1, 2, 3 auto bottoms, clamshell, kilo box, display box, and also Chinese take-out box.

These boxes are designed in each size. Candles are a tender product that requires extra protection to deliver safely. We entertain our consumers with a variety of trendy and also handy artistry. Lamination is a great way to enhance the beauty of taper candle packaging boxes. It is obtainable in three shapes: gloss, matt, and also satin. It uses to improve appearance, stability, and also strength.

Stamp foiling is a modern process that highlights the design of a box with a metallic or colored sheen. We provide a range of foil colors like rose gold, gold, copper, and also silver. It is a lower price technique. You can select our four types of stamp foiling metallic foil, pigment foil, pearl foil, and also holographic foil.

Create best-printed Taper Candle Packaging Boxes:

Our professional graphic designers craft lavishly printed boxes that make the first impression impeccable on the buyers. We offer classy printing methods like flexography, offset, digital printing, 3D printing, and also screen printing. These are modern and also the latest printing processes use to design custom taper candle boxes. Moreover, the buyers can select our additional features to design the custom taper candle boxes.

The additional features are UV spot, emboss, debus, PVC sheet, scoring, raised ink, aqueous coating, insertion, perforation, and also embellishment. Taper candles are a wax-based product that requires extra preservation. For that, we arrange two types of insertion one is foam insertion, and also the second is paper insertion. Both are handy to secure the candles and also leave a good impression on the consumers.

Contact us for more detail:

Orchard Solution has a professional team that politely deals with customers and also designs custom taper candle boxes according to their demand. Our team is 24/7 active for your help. You can receive the order in 15 to 20 days.


Orchard Solution arranges an ideal packaging for taper candle packaging boxes. Candles are the only things that can use happiness and also grief. We provide these important products with sophisticated packaging that helps to generate a sale. The company comes up with classy opening styles of Custom Candle Boxes as like auto bottom, gable box, sleeve box, front and also reverse end-tuck boxes, tray box, one-piece box, two-piece box, 1, 2, 3 auto bottom, clamshell, kilo box, display box, and also Chinese take-out box. We arrange different coating to give safety to candles like aqueous coating and UV sheets.

Candles can affect by environmental facto like heat and humidity. That’s why; they need such material that saves them from these factors. Our company is used premium quality materials like cardboard, corrugated, and also Kraft. You can get our lamination and also embellishment procedure to decorate the taper candle packaging boxes. For free physical samples and also delivery, contact our customer support center.